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Network & Endpoint Security

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Benefits of Using Proactive Data

Hardened firewalls are a must for any business today! Proactive Data can provide your business with a layered defense that safeguards your networks, workstations, mobile devices, and office equipment from both internal and external threats. Our comprehensive approach includes both business-grade hardware and software solutions to identify and block viruses, malware, ransomware, trojan horses, and intrusions. Proactive Data offers web content filtering solutions that help ensure your employees remain on-task and productive while using company resources.

Network and Endpoint Security Services

Patching Solutions

For many companies, patching has become an unmanageable liability. Two-thirds of organizations struggle with prioritizing and keeping up with updates, and the cost of falling behind can be massive. Unpatched systems and software provide easy openings for cyber-attacks, which cost businesses an average of $3 million in 2018, according to the Ponemon Institute. How can you stay secure without updates slowing you down? We can help.

In addition to patching, our RMM (remote management & monitoring) solution provides a plethora of other advantages:

  • 365 Device Monitoring – Monitor customer devices ranging from Windows to Mac endpoints, with alerts ranging from low drive space to failing disk drives, high memory usage and more. Alerts are proactive in avoiding crashes and data loss.
  • Stay Up to Date with the latest versions of supported software applications (e.g. Adobe, Java).
  • One Click Remediation – Gives your team (and Proactive Data as needed) the ability to remotely scan for and remove Anti-Virus threats without interfering with user work at the workstation or server (behind the scenes)
  • Remote Control – offering the best-in-class remote control integration with TeamViewer. Proactive Data has used this for years and it is now integrated into the agent, giving us easier access to your monitored machines. It updates automatically and your end users can use it as well at no additional cost.
  • Windows Updates – State-of-the-art engine that patches operating systems as well as third-party software.
  • You Choose Your Coverage – All workstations and servers recommended, but not required. Opt to cover only the desktops and servers most important to your business.
  • Detailed Reporting – Sent automatically weekly or monthly; view in an easy-to-read PDF showing important information on all of your covered devices, network and more; great for inventories, Life Cycle Management, maintenance and general network well-being.
  • No Contracts – Month to month only; cancel anytime.
  • Highly Competitively Priced – Other MSPs are selling the same or very similar services for over FOUR times our rates. Don’t pay more for the same service and features!
  • Network Devices – Special monitoring agents also available for switching and routing devices (free)