Managed Local & Cloud Backups

Cloud Backup Services

Managed Local & Cloud Backup Services

As a VEEAM Cloud Service Provider, Proactive Data can create a comprehensive plan to secure, protect, and backup your critical business data both locally and in the cloud. Our business-grade cloud backup solutions will ensure that your data is secure, accessible, and can be rapidly restored in the event of a hardware failure, intrusion, or catastrophic event. We offer cloud backup data and storage plans for any budget that will meet or exceed your business’s requirements.  Contact us for a free quote.

Businesses today face a multitude of challenges when it comes to IT and data management. Public clouds are a rapidly expanding component of most businesses’ data backup center strategies, and IT professionals struggle with how to efficiently protect, migrate and manage data between their on-premises and cloud data centers.

Managed Cloud and Backup Services

It’s time to be flexible as everything needs to be protected – cloud, virtual, physical – it’s all part of your data center now. Rely on the simplicity that only Veeam® can deliver with comprehensive backups of everything that runs your business.

Cloud – Backup in, to or from the cloud

Virtual – VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV

Physical – Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix

Protecting Your Data

Modernize and simplify the protection of unstructured file data and file servers at scale with powerful new capabilities that bring flexibility to NAS backup data protection and recovery, greatly reducing storage costs while improving recovery times.

  • Faster incremental backups on commodity hardware to deliver scalable protection for unstructured file data through innovative file change tracking capability. 
  • The flexibility to store your unstructured NAS data on cheaper storage with the ability to easily tier to the cloud backup.
  • Many restore options — entire share recovery to address complete hardware loss or NAS migration, point-in-time share rollback to quickly recover from ransomware attacks, and file-level recovery with global search for day-to-day operational restores.  

Cloud Backup Services

Our datacenter has a secured network with fiber connectivity to ensure that your backups are fast, reliable and encrypted at rest as well as in transit.  Users also have access to visually watch data and storage details from the web.