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Managed Services is the smart alternative model for your Panama City business and will help to minimize the break/fix approach. With managed services, for an affordable set monthly service fee, Proactive Data keeps your IT systems updated, secured, backed-up, and in good health. Our proactive approach keeps your systems running smoothly and protects your business from downtime, lost revenue, and catastrophic data loss—all without the costly expense of hiring your own trained IT personnel.

Our Panama City IT consultants can provide your business with a no-cost, no-obligation audit and evaluation. We’ll help you understand the current condition of your IT infrastructure, create a plan to achieve your business goals, and provide you with a free quote for the services you need.

Managed IT Services

Benefits of Managed IT Consulting Services for Your Panama City Business

When discussing the many advances achieved in the business world this last decade, the one that should spring to mind is the rise of managed IT services. The concept has revolutionized the way the business world functions today.

The concept of partnering with an outside IT provider instead of investing in an in-house IT desk would have sounded anathema a decade ago. The idea then was to keep everything in house to maintain control over every aspect of the company. Managed IT consulting firms in Panama City have shown that businesses can actually have more control with less expense and fewer resources. As technology advances and consumer requirements chance, managed IT services is proving itself to be the future of business IT.

In the beginning, most companies opted to take care of their IT with a tried and tested in-house business model. The problem was that they soon discovered that IT technology is anything but static. And maintaining an in-house IT department was prohibitively expensive. Hardware needed to be changed regularly and employees needed to be trained constantly. Newer and smaller businesses were more agile and outperformed them.

The secret of the success of these small businesses is that they had inadvertently waved the flag for the first IT managed services companies. New and small businesses couldn’t dream of investing in their own IT department, so they had no choice but to seek help from a professional Panama City IT consultant. The solution they offered became the managed IT revolution.

Instead of wasting, time, effort, and money on running the IT aspect of the business, IT consulting services has allowed greater specialization and more ease.

With IT managed services, businesses can concentrate on being the best at what they do. They don’t need to waste energy on maintaining IT, because affordable, up-to-date specialists can take care of it.

Here is a breakdown of some of the best benefits of managed IT Consultant Services:

Cost effectiveness:

Having a specialized Panama City IT provider take charge of this essential aspect of any business is much, much cheaper than the in-house IT department option.

Hardware is a significant source of expenditure for modern businesses, and it needs to be upgraded on average every six months. Staying ahead in IT means regularly having to reinvest in hardware.

This expense is accompanied by software costs. With cutting edge IT innovations and consistent competition from other firms, software should be updated regularly to keep a business safe and competitive. And modern businesses must also take into account that new software coming into the market can make old software obsolete or, at least, comparatively ineffective.

Both hardware and software need an IT professional to make them do their magic. This IT consultant needs to be a highly educated and talented individual who learns constantly to remain at the top of his or her game.

These three factors make professional Panama City IT consulting services a necessary but potentially expensive proposition. This is why most businesses outsource to managed IT services. These professional IT providers succeed because they service several clients at the same time, allowing them to spread the cost of their IT specialization, as well as making a profit while charging a reasonable fee to each client.


Managed IT isn’t just cheaper, it’s also more efficient. IT providers eat, breath, and sleep IT. This demands a great deal of in-house efficiency, professionalism and specialization. They not only provide IT services but also have also every type of IT that specialist businesses’ need to thrive. Not only will they provide expected, traditional IT work relating to managed IT help desk and IT interventions, but they will also deliver essential IT consulting as well.

An IT consultant in Panama City can help guide your business in the best way to utilize IT for success, seeing potential where you may not have thought to look before. Managed IT services tend to double as IT consultants offer their essential IT consulting services to clients as part of the same managed IT service package. 


Managed IT services move with the times to survive. They invest in hardware, software, and talented employees. The IT market is one of the most changeable and fast-paced out there and the competition is fierce. New IT providers rise and fall in this environment, so another advantage of managed IT service is its contractual basis.

Businesses that work with an IT provider work for a limited amount of time, defined in a contract. If a better provider comes along or if the current provider won’t move with the times, a business can easily disengage without losing a lot of money in the process.

Of course, it’s preferable to work with a professional Panama City IT provider that has learned your needs and is thus better suited to help you grow, but the choice and the power remains with the client. This makes managed IT services the best all-round option for any Panama City business looking to compete, succeed, and find the right partnership to help the firm grow.

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