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Proactive Data can help your employees stay productive by providing friendly and responsive IT support with troubleshooting, quick fixes, and general help desk duties at the desktop and server levels, both on-site and remotely.

Why Opt for IT Help Desk?

The 21st-century has been dubbed the century of the internet and no technology has marked modern society, more. The world is interconnected with information and this information is available at the press of a button.

The internet has changed society from the way we get our news, to the way we work. The old certainties that came from a rigid, hierarchical company structure are gone, as are many of the companies that stubbornly employed those structures despite the demand and potential for alternatives.

One of the main services which most efficient organizations have depended on is an IT help desk. Internal IT support help desk services are expensive and tend to be a drain on a company’s resources. Employing full-time employees to deal with this aspect of a company’s essential service has been proven to be both expensive and inefficient. Today’s preferred model is to partner with an efficient provider of IT help desk services, helping to avoid the very expensive proposition of setting up an in-house IT help desk team.

User Support

IT support companies provide the efficiency of a business enterprise that only specializes in IT. They also invest heavily in the latest hardware and software, ensuring that their clients remain competitive and at the cutting edge of IT services. They have also gone through an extensive vetting process when it comes to hiring IT support employees. The fact that they only work in IT means that their employees tend to be highly experienced and professional.

External IT support contractors are always at the forefront of their trade, troubleshooting IT issues most of the time. Since these companies need to service several clients at a time to remain profitable, their employees work full-time, remaining sharp and on point.

Another big advantage of opting for a managed, IT Help Desk is the extensive IT services. Since IT specialists needs to work with several clients, needing a variety of essential IT services, they tend to have every type of IT professional on staff.

Affordability is another plus when dealing with managed IT services. The provider is in competition with others, which translates to efficient services at an affordable rate.

Since IT hardware and software are always in flux, it behooves the provider to continue investing in the latest technology, as well as maintaining its professional edge, to stay in the race. This combination of high-tech investment and relentless improvement tends to guarantee high-quality services.

The ability to decide not to renew a contract is also a bonus when dealing with managed IT help desk services. The whole service package is under contract with a limited time. So, a company can always opt not to renew the contract, if better services are found elsewhere or if the provider doesn’t live up to expectations. The company can easily disengage with minimum damage and expense.

These advantages have made a managed IT Help Desk the first and best choice for most business organizations today. This is especially true when discussing small businesses. No business can survive in the internet age without help from IT support services, however, it stands to reason that new developing businesses and small businesses are unable to afford the heavy investment that IT support demands. Investing in managed small business IT support is the best option. It allows the small business to profit from the services of an IT support specialist without breaking the budget.

Small businesses tend to punch above their weight, thanks to partnerships with effective IT support companies. They can offer more services than expected, increasing their business footprint at a fraction of cost. This helps repay the initial investment in services, as clients are impressed with the business’ efficiency and professional help desk presence.

For further information on IT support, don’t hesitate to contact us at Proactive Data. Let us show you what our highly performing IT Help Desk can do for you.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Utilizing a virtual CIO (vCIO) for your business gives you all the benefits of an IT department, while allowing you to focus on running the day-to-day aspects of your company. A virtual Chief Information Officer gives you a consultant and dedicated resource at your fingertips and is especially valuable to companies that cannot afford to keep one of their own on staff. With the help of Proactive Data, you can have this invaluable service ready and waiting to assist you with your IT needs.

The value of a vCIO comes from the knowledge and expertise of the person that you are working with. It would be extremely expensive to have someone like that on staff, and chances are your finances are being used elsewhere. For a fraction of the cost, you can have someone who knows about IT related issues, and can help you build a strategy, and budget, to make sure the IT side of your company is covered. Your vCIO will be able to analyze your current IT situation, identify and minimize risk, and educate you on the best way to move forward.

Proactive Data vCIO Services – Free for New Clients*

If you find yourself struggling to understand exactly what you need, what problems are arising, and how to move forward with your IT needs, consider contacting Proactive Data. Since 2014 we have helped companies gain a better understanding of what their current IT situation is, have offered solutions to problems that they have been facing, and provided a clear and accurate plan of how they need to move forward, both from a practicality and financial standpoint.

Among the many services we offer include an in-person meeting or virtual/conference call with company heads to discuss IT infrastructure, needs, life cycle, and security. With this knowledge you can formulate an accurate plan of how much you need to budget for your IT needs in the future. Also, we can offer detailed reports regarding your IT posturing to include devices, security, antivirus, and aging end points. On top of that, we can give you consultation on equipment handoffs and purchases, not to mention a Q&A session with key management in your company.

Furthermore, a vCIO from Proactive Data can supply you with:

  • Quarterly Reports on Assets and More
  • One-on-One Reviews 
  • Corporate Level Antivirus
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Project & Process Insight
  • And More

Touch Base with Proactive Data Today – Free vCIO Services!*

There is no better time to reach out to Proactive Data than right now and this is in part because, for our new customers* and for a limited time we are offering these services for free!  You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain from working with Proactive Data for your IT needs. We will always listen to you and cater our services around the specific goals of your company. For more information, contact us today.

*new customers/clients must have at least 20 end points with RMM to qualify