Tailored Human Engagement for Cloud Security

Proactive Data Response is transforming cloud security dynamics. Harness the robust capabilities of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to enhance security oversight and ensure swift, proactive defense within your cloud operations.

Proactive Defense on Your Behalf

In response to the growing trend towards hybrid and cloud-based infrastructures, Cloud Response amplifies Proactive Data’s MDR offerings and round-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC) expertise to shrink your potential risk exposure. Entrust your cloud and hybrid platforms to our advanced cybersecurity solutions that safeguard every aspect of your digital landscape.

Enhanced Protection for Microsoft 365

Proactive Data's Cloud Response currently integrates with Microsoft 365, providing security across Azure Active Directory (AD), Exchange, and SharePoint.

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Empower Your Cloud with Full-Scale MDR

Employ Proactive Data’s elite detection and response capabilities to fortify your cloud infrastructure against sophisticated and ongoing cyber threats.

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Rely on the Personal Touch in Cloud Security

Avoid the hassle of generic alerts. Our seasoned SOC team delivers personalized, immediate action to counter security threats on your behalf.

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Efficient Onboarding for Swift Protection

With a straightforward, six-step onboarding guide, you can activate Cloud Response and fortify your cloud environment within a single day.

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One-Click Policy Implementation

Elevate the cyber defense posture of your clientele. Utilize our intuitive web application to apply and control security policies for every user within your domain.

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Customized Alert Management

Refine alert preferences on a per-tenant basis or modify individual user settings through the accessible interface of the Cloud Response portal.

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We offer constant, integrated detection and response services to enterprises globally. Our clientele depends on Blackpoint for scalable, state-of-the-art, and resilient cyber defense solutions capable of combating the cyber threats of today and tomorrow. Join forces with us and gain the upper hand in your cybersecurity battles.

Proactive cloud security infrastructure

Personalized human engagement for cloud protection

Transformation of cloud security with MDR enhancement

On-demand defense mechanisms tailored for hybrid and cloud setups

Blackpoint's MDR and SOC services reduce risk and secure digital assets

Advanced cybersecurity solutions for cloud and hybrid environments

Integration with Microsoft 365, including Azure AD, Exchange, SharePoint

Elite detection and response to guard against complex cyber threats

Immediate, expert SOC analyst intervention to manage security events

Streamlined, six-step onboarding for rapid cloud security deployment

Single-click policy enforcement via user-friendly web application

Customizable alert and notification settings for users and tenants

24/7 unified detection and response services for global organizations

Dependable cybersecurity that evolves with emerging threats

Strategic partnership for enhanced cyber defense capabilities