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IT Business Partner- Finding the Best Data Solutions Company

IT Business Partner or In-House IT Support?

You have a business to run. You may be wondering which option is better; an IT business partner or an in-house IT support department? Of course, both come with their own unique benefits as well as their own costs and considerations. Deciding on which is best for your needs often comes down to asking yourself how involved you want to be in the technological side of your information technology and information security.

Consider the day to day happenings, such as, how many emails must be sent on any given work day? How critical is it to maintain a formidable level of security to keep your data safe? Are you able to be responsible for additional employees? Are you prepared to cover your needs if those employees are unable to attend a day’s worth of work?

These and other questions will often help lead you to the best option for your information technology and network security within your company.

Working with a Data Solutions Company VS Having an In-House IT Support

Hiring an IT business partner as your data solutions company is best for a “hands off” approach. Best when your IT and information security needs require an on-going and constant attention. Think of it as never letting your guard down when it comes to the security of your company information and smooth operation of your technology.

This option provides a team of trained professionals that do not require your managing. IT business partners are specialists that you can turn to, instead of having another set of employees that turn to you.

Having an in-house IT support team is best if your information technology and information security needs are small and do not require much attention in the day to day. If your business operates out of a single small office and most communication is done through visits to a desk, you may only need a few support specialist down the hall. In this instance, a good firewall and someone who knows how to install and maintain it correctly may serve well enough.

Another example for getting away with not needing a data solutions company, may be if your business is run out of your home and in its infancy stages. In cases such as this, it is still important to include your IT needs’ growth along side other factors of your business plan.

Tips For Your IT Business Partner Consultation

After you have scheduled your free consultation with a data solutions company in search of the right IT business  partner, it is important to know what will be discussed and what information  may be needed. The following tips will help you to get the most out of your free consultation.

Business Consultation Tips:

  • Be clear about your business’ IT needs. What does your business’ technology need to accomplish?
  • Discuss the target growth of your needs. You plan for your company’s growth, be sure to discuss the changes that are available to help.
  • Ask the IT expert about any other services or products that may improve performance and growth for your company.
  • Ensure your business will be handled by experts with credentials from Microsoft and are in good standing.
  • Ask to be sure the data solutions company has the experience putting those credentials to use for local businesses as well as businesses outside the area.
  • Choose a company that knows that companies are made of people, and that communication is essential, not just an option.
  • For true partnership, ensure you are able to speak with those at the top, not just the expert technicians.

How to Get a Free IT Consultation with Experts

If you are in need of an experienced IT business partner, it is easy to get a free consultation.

We are happy to answer your questions and to help you find the right solutions for your business; both now and in the future. Contact us by phone, email, or by going to our contact page.

One of our dedicated team members will get back to you quickly. We know your time is valuable, so we won’t waste it. Contact us now and let us show you what a partnership with us can do for you.

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