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Proactive Data - Why is Email Security Important

Why is Email Security Important?

Did you know that there are 3.9 billion daily email users? Email is still a huge medium for businesses and their employees. It allows them to maintain contact with their customers and each other.

However, it is possible to get hacked through email which is why email security is important. Here, we will delve further into the topic.

Emails are Attacked More Often

Email security is important because all businesses, small, big, and medium, use email. Every employee of a company often has their own email as well.

Because there is a large number of emails that companies and employees receive, it is easy to fall into a trap. Without online security, you are more likely to fall into the hands of a cyber-criminal. One of the more common techniques these criminals use is phishing.


Phishing emails are created to exploit employees, and the companies they work for. All an attacker needs to do is get someone to click on a link or open an image.

Proactive Data - Importance of Email Security

These aren’t just your regular links and images. They are infected and can steal personal data and login credentials. Sometimes these malicious links and images can install malware onto a computer. After this is completed, a cyber-criminal gains access to the entire network to steal even more information.

Phishing is a common technique because of how effective it is. It is easy for cyber-criminals to trick employees into thinking their favorite brands are emailing them and trying to get them to complete an action.

What is Email Security?

So, what is email security and how can it help prevent phishing and other malicious attacks through email? Email security involves different technology and software that can ensure email accounts don’t fall victim to cyber-criminals. However, it is also important for employees to be educated on possible scams.

With built-in security, employees and their employers can enjoy secure email. However, there are other recommended procedures every company should follow along with having secure email. These policies are as follows:

  • Frequent password changes and the use of strong passwords
  • Secure login with encryption
  • Filtering spam including marketing offers
  • Security education for employees
Email Security from Proactive Data

So, what is secure email? It is implementing these easy policies and proper technology to ensure cyber-criminals don’t stand a chance to gain information about your business. The built-in security you implement should include spyware protection, email encryption, and more.

Email security involves a lot of things, but all of it is equally important. The last thing you want is your employees falling victim to a phishing scam or other malware that could negatively impact your company.

Protect Your Business and Employees

Even if your company has top security measures in place for things other than email, you should still consider email security. Without it, your employees are susceptible to phishing and other common scams that could lead to viable information about your business getting out.

Don’t allow your business and employees to get hacked by cyber-criminals, protect yourself with email security now.

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